The island of Nusa Penida is part of the Klungkung regency of Bali. It is located in the southeast of the Island of the Gods. Nusa Penida is the largest of the three islands that make up the small archipelago of the Nusas and is visited by more tourists than its neighbors Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. In Nusa Penida, there is an excellent variety of activities and many spectacular places to visit. From paradisiacal beaches, cliffs, waterfalls, and natural pools, on this island, you will not lack things to see. Nusa Penida is a Hindu island same as Bali, so you can also visit some of its temples. On this page, you will find a list of the best places to see in Nusa Penida and a map so that you can locate them quickly.


To get to Nusa Penida from Bali, you have to go to one of the ports of Padangbai or Sanur. These two ports are accessible from any area of Bali by taxi, motorbike or car. Depending on the place where you stay, there may also be public buses that go to Padangbai or Sanur.

From Padangbai, every day at 12:00, the public ferry leaves for the port of Sampalan, in the north of Nusa Penida. The trip by public ferry takes about 90 minutes and costs about €2.5. You can buy the tickets for the public ferry at the ticket office at Padangbai harbor.

If you want to get there faster and more comfortably, you can take a fast boat from Sanur harbor or Padangbai. From Sanur, there are boats of different companies that go to various ports of Nusa Penida like Toya Pakeh, Buyuk, or Sampalan. A journey by fast boat from Sanur takes between 30 and 40 minutes. The prices vary between €8 and €12 per way, depending on the company. On the website, you can see the schedules and fares of the fast boats that cover the Bali-Nusa Penida route.

From the port of Padangbai, you will also find fast boats departing for Nusa Penida, but less frequently than from Sanur. On the website, you can find all the information about this route.


Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is undoubtedly the best known place in Nusa Penida and the subject of millions of photos and postcards. This beach is very famous for being located under a dinosaur-shaped vertigo cliff. You can go down to this beach from the cliff, but we warn you that it is not an easy way to go down. Even so, the reward of seeing a paradise beach practically deserted will compensate the effort of the descent. If you go for a swim at Kelingking Beach, be very careful because there are usually quite strong currents. If, on the other hand, you just want to admire its beauty from above, there are a couple of viewpoints from which you can see the beach and take spectacular photos. With a bit of luck, you may even see giant manta rays swimming near the beach.

Bird's eye view of the Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali

Broken Beach

Broken Beach is not an ordinary beach since the beach itself is not even accessible. However, the views and the landscape of this beach are absolutely spectacular. Broken Beach is completely surrounded by cliffs and the only place where the waters of the Indian Ocean enter is through a natural arch formed by the force of the water. Above this arch you can walk to enjoy different views of this unique beach bathed by turquoise waters. As in Kelingking Beach, in Broken Beach it is also possible to see manta rays.

Aerial view of Broken Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong is located very close to Broken Beach and is a natural infinity pool. Angel’s Billabong was formed by the force of the waves and is a natural spectacle that no one should miss. Even if you see people swimming in this natural pool at low tide, you should know that swimming in this place is prohibited and you can be fined. This is because the force of the waves can be very strong and unfortunately there have been fatal accidents.

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay, located in the northwest of the island is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida. This is a white beach, with turquoise waters and surrounded by palm trees, which makes the landscape a dream. In Crystal Bay there are usually not many waves, so it is an ideal beach for swimming and also for snorkelling as you can see sea turtles and manta rays in its waters. Also, if you are a professional diver, Crystal Bay is one of the few places in the world where you can see mola mola mola fish.

Manta Point

Manta Point is located in the southwest of Nusa Penida and is one of the few places in the world where you can see manta rays at close range. Also, the best thing is not to see them but to be able to swim with them. To swim with manta rays you do not need to have a diving certification since you can see them very close to the water surface while snorkelling. However, please do not touch the mantas or any other marine animals that you may find swimming around you.

Banah Cliff

Banah Cliff is a viewpoint from where you can see the cliffs of the entire west coast of Nusa Penida. Although the main attraction of this viewpoint is a small island with a natural arch in front, on clear days you can see even the dinosaur of Kelingking Beach in the distance. This viewpoint is not as famous as others on the island, so you may be alone in front of the wonderful views from there.

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is considered the most beautiful beach in Nusa Penida. This, like most of the beaches on the island, is a white beach, with turquoise and crystal-clear waters. Like Kelingkling Beach, Atuh Beach is located on the side of a cliff so access is quite difficult. The good thing about this beach, is that it has some warungs where you can have a refreshing drink after the descent.

Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is close to Atuh Beach and is another must-see beach in Nusa Penida. As in Atuh Beach, if you want to go down to the beach you will have to go down a cliff not suitable for people with vertigo. Before going down, stop for a moment to enjoy the views and take pictures as the views are spectacular. Diamond Beach is also a white beach with clear waters and is an ideal place to spend a day of relaxation.

Atuh Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali

Thousand Islands Viewpoint

Thousand Islands Viewpoint is a viewpoint located in the southeast of Nusa Penida, near Atuh Beach. From this viewpoint you can see dozens of small islands and islets dotted around the ocean. The views from Thousand Islands Viewpoint are absolutely incredible and is one stop you don’t have to miss on your visit to Nusa Penida. Additionally, in this place you will find Rumah Pohon Tree House, the little tree house that is so famous on Instagram.

Tembeling Pools

Tembeling Pools are natural pools of an intense blue color located in one of the wildest environments of Nusa Penida. If you are looking for a different experience for your visit to Nusa Penida, this is the ideal place to do it without meeting almost anyone. The way to get to these pools is very complicated because they are located inside a forest, but the tranquility and beauty of this place makes it worth making the trip.

Goa Giri Putri Temple

The Goa Giri Putri temple is one of the few temples you will find in Nusa Penida, but also a very peculiar one. Pura Goa Giri Putri is located in the east of the island, inside a cave. Its unique location makes this a different temple that has to be on your list of places to visit in Nusa Penida. In the cave of the Goa Giri Putri temple, you can see stalagmites and stalactites, Hindu figures, worshippers praying, and occasionally bats.

To enter the temple, you will have to wear a sarong to cover your legs. If you don’t have a sarong, you can rent one at the entrance of the cave for 5000 IDR (€0,30 approximately). In this temple, there is no set price for the access, but they ask you for a donation. If you visit the Goa Giri Putri temple during the weekend, you may find some religious ceremonies attended by hundreds of people. This will undoubtedly make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Pura Paluang - The car temple

The Paluang temple is undoubtedly one of the most curious things you will find in Nusa Penida. Located in the west of the island, the Paluang temple, also called the Temple of the Car or Pura Mobili (by the locals), is a peculiar temple dedicated to cars. Inside there are a couple of car-shaped shrines, which are the main attraction of this temple. The Paluang temple is dedicated to the arrival of the first cars to Bali, during the Dutch colonial period.

Peguyangan Waterfall and the blue stairs

Peguyangan Waterfall is located in the southwest of Nusa Penida, approximately two kilometers from Manta Point. This waterfall is located on a cliff, and its water goes down first to natural pools that have formed on the rock and then falls directly into the sea. To reach the waterfall, you have to descend 750 steps that are painted in intense blue color. At the Peguyangan waterfall, you also have to wear a sarong, as the stairs leading down to it pass through the interior of a water temple. This waterfall is not like the ones in Bali, with a massive flow of water, but its location and surroundings are some of the reasons why you cannot miss a visit to this site.


In Nusa Penida, you can find accommodation of any kind and for any budget. From simple hostels and guest houses to luxury hotels and villas, on the island, you will not lack options from which to choose the accommodation that best suits your tastes and budget.

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The majority of restaurants and cafes in Nusa Penida are concentrated in the north of the island as this area is more touristy and is where the ports are. In the north of Nusa Penida, you can find modern cafes and restaurants that serve both traditional food and western dishes. In the southern part of Nusa Penida, there is less variety of restaurants, and you are more likely to find traditional warungs.

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In Nusa Penida, there is an excellent variety of activities you can do. Some of the highlights are water activities such as diving, snorkelling, surfing, or cliff jump. Still, you can also do trekking routes, watch the sunset from its cliffs and immerse yourself in the culture of the island.

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Close to Nusa Penida you will find the other two Nusas, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Nusa Lembongan can be reached in less than 30 minutes by boat from Nusa Penida. To get to Nusa Ceningan, you have to cross the yellow bridge by foot or by motorbikes from Nusa Lembongan. We also recommend you to visit Sanur and Padangbai because to get to Nusa Penida, you have to pass through one of these ports as well.