Located in the Badung Regency, Seminyak is one of the most luxurious and popular areas in Bali. This small town is located very close to Kuta, but the atmosphere here is much more relaxed than in the bustling neighboring city. In Seminyak there are no tourist attractions, temples or monuments, but there are many activities that can be done. Besides visiting the beaches and practicing water sports on them, in Seminyak you can go shopping, go to a spa or visit one of the beach clubs. In this article you will find all the information about Seminyak, what to do in this town and a map with the main points of interest.

Sunset at Double Six Beach, Bali


From the airport

The town of Seminyak is located only 10 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport. To get from the airport to Seminyak, the best option is to take an official taxi from the Blue Bird Company as it is quite close and the journey will only take about 15 minutes. Other options include taking a local (unofficial) taxi and haggling over the price of the ride or taking a Grab (the Asian version of Uber), but for the second option you will need an internet connection.

Blue Bird Taxi for transportation in Bali

Taxis are a good option for getting around in Bali, especially for transfers. This way of transport is very useful to go from the airport to your accommodation or for transfers with luggage. Find out about the different types of taxis you will find on the island.

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Moving around Seminyak and its surroundings

The favourite option for tourists to move around Seminyak and its surroundings is to rent a motorbike. You can find rental bikes everywhere and they give you a lot of freedom because with a bike you can get anywhere and faster than by car. Another more comfortable option is the taxi, but it will also cost you more. If you want to travel to other towns in an economical way, you can use the public buses of the companies Perama, Trans Sarbagita or Kura-Kura, but you will need to go to Kuta bus station by taxi. From Kuta the buses have connections to most locations in Bali. We advise you to check the timetables on, before organizing your routes, because, depending on the destination you want to go, there may not be buses every day.


Go surfing

As most towns in southern Bali, you can also surf in Seminyak. On the beaches of this town, the waves are perfect for surfing and if you want to spend a day on a surfboard, Seminyak is a good destination. If you don’t yet know how to surf, but would like to learn during your holiday in Bali, there are many surfing schools in Seminyak where you can sign up for a course.

Man surfing on a beach in Bali

Watch the sunset from one of the beach clubs

As it is a fairly small town, Seminyak has only three beaches: Seminyak Beach, Mesari and Double Six. These beaches are very touristy and usually pretty crowded because there are several beach clubs, cafes and restaurants. Also, if you want to watch the sunset from one of Bali’s trendy cafes, Seminyak is the perfect place.

Sunset from the infinity pool in the Seminyak area of Bali

Go shopping

If you like shopping, or want to use your time in Seminyak to buy a few things, you will have no shortage of options. In this town there are two shopping centres, Seminyak Village and Seminyak Square, a flea market, many boutiques and art shops. In Seminyak there are several long streets full of shops where you can find everything you need.

Seminyak is also known for its art shops where you can find Balinese paintings and traditional island crafts. Some of the best places to see and buy Balinese art in Seminyak are: Nyaman Art Gallery, Biasa ArtSpace Bali and Theatre Art Gallery.

A woman's hands choosing jewelry

Relax in a spa

If you want to spend a day of relaxation and pampering, we recommend you to visit one of Seminyak’s spas. In this town there are many options to choose from, but you have to know that as it is a more luxury area, prices are higher than in other places in Bali.

Sign up for a yoga class

Bali is an island known for its yoga schools and spiritual retreat centres and an increasing number of travellers are choosing to spend at least one day of their holiday in Bali practising yoga. If you want to truly disconnect, relax and treat yourself, signing up for a yoga class can be a great option. You’ll be surprised at how many yoga schools there are in Seminyak and you’ll see that choosing one won’t be too difficult. One of the best known yoga schools in this area is Seminyak Yoga Shala.

Sign up for a cooking class

Signing up for a cooking class is a very popular activity among tourists who spend their vacation on the Island of the Gods. This kind of experience starts at a local market, where the ingredients for the recipe are bought and continues with the cooking of some traditional Balinese dishes. Signing up for a cooking class is a way to immerse yourself in the Balinese culture as the chefs are natives and they will teach you the whole process of creating Balinese dishes and also will give you tips on how to replicate them at home.

In Seminyak there are several traditional Balinese restaurants that provide this type of experience.

Traditional Balinese dish based on rice and vegetables


Although Seminyak is a luxury area where exclusive resorts and villas predominate, there is also a wide variety of homestays and hotels for budget travelers. Regardless of your budget, in this area you will have plenty of options to choose the ideal accommodation for you.

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In Seminyak there are many restaurants of all kinds where you will find both traditional and western dishes. There is also a wide variety of trendy cafés and vegan and vegetarian restaurants to choose from.

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As we mentioned in this article, there is a wide variety of activities you can do in Seminyak. Among the most popular are yoga, surfing, enjoying the sunset on the beach, getting a massage, or shopping.

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In the surroundings of Seminyak you can find the most touristic towns of Bali like Kuta, Canggu or the small area of Petitenget. In addition, the city of Denpasar (capital of Bali) is located next to Seminyak. If you have more time to explore the area you can also visit Sanur, east of Denpasar or the Uluwatu area in the southern part of the island.

On the following map, you will find all the places of interest in Seminyak mentioned in this article. You can use it to organize your routes around Bali. We hope you find it useful.