Taxis are an excellent option to move around in Bali, especially for transfers. This transport is handy for moving from the airport to the place where you stay. But also to move from one area of Bali to another when you have to transport your bags. In Bali, there are several types of taxis: the official ones, from the Blue Bird company, the local taxis of private drivers, and the motorbike taxis.


The Blue Bird Company taxis are the only officials on the island. The cars are light blue and have the company’s name (Blue Bird Group), and the logo is a white bird on a blue background. Be careful with imitations. There are unofficial taxi drivers who label their cars with the Blue Bird symbols, but with some small differences that at first may not be noticed. Some taxis have Blue Biro on them. Official taxis are equipped with a meter, and the drivers are obliged to set the meter from the moment you get into the car. However, it is essential to make sure they start the meter. If they don’t, they may ask for more money than the trip actually costs when you arrive at your destination.

In the south of Bali, there are usually many more Blue Bird taxis than in the rest of the island, and you can easily find them on the street. Taxis can be ordered by phone and also through the My Blue Bird application.

Blue Bird Taxi for transportation in Bali


In Bali, many self-employed drivers work as taxi drivers. They make their personal cars available to their clients and work as taxis, with the difference that they do not have meters. Since they do not carry this device, it is better to set the price before getting into the car. They usually offer lower prices than the official company. Still, you have to negotiate a lot because they will always try to put the highest price for the tourists. These taxis, even if they are not official, are safe because the drivers are experienced and know the island very well.


Once you arrive at the Bali airport, you will have no problem getting to the area where you have booked your accommodation. At Ngurah Rai airport, there are plenty of taxi drivers, both from the official company and private drivers. They offer their services as taxi drivers. Many taxi drivers will provide you with a ride out of the airport. Still, if you want to use the official company’s taxis, you will need to go to the Blue Bird desk at the exit of the arrivals area. Taxis at the airport have fixed rates and are paid in advance. At the front desk, you can be informed about the price of the journey you want to make. There you can pay for the trip, and you will be given a receipt with which you will have to go to the taxi.


  • If you take a taxi that is not from the official company, negotiate the price and fix it before getting into the car. They will always try to get more money out of you than the trip is really worth it.
  • For long journeys, it is better to hire a private driver, as the taxi will be much more expensive.
  • Every time you travel in a cab with a meter, make sure the driver starts it before you leave because if there is no meter, he can charge you the price he wants.