Lakes are significant in Bali’s agriculture as they provide the water needed to irrigate rice fields, which are vital to the island’s economy. In Bali, there are 4 lakes: Batur, Bratan, Buyan, and Tamblingan (the last two known as Twin Lakes).


Batur is one of the most famous mountains in Bali for its volcanic landscape. Also, because of the largest lake on the island (it has the same name) located at its base. Both belong to the plateau called Kintamani in the regency of Bangli. The volcano is 1717 meters high. Lake Batur was formed in the eruption of the volcano more than 29,000 years ago and had an area of 16 square kilometers. It’s a must-see for its views, especially if you’re visiting the north of the island.

Beautiful sunrise with views of the lake and Mount Batur, Bali


Lake Bratan is located about 1200 meters above sea level, relatively in the center of the island. It is the second-largest lake on the island, behind Lake Batur, and is very close to the Bratan and Catur mountains. From Bedugul, a town very close to the lake, you have the best views.

Bear in mind that as it is located at 1200 meters high, the temperature in the area is lower than usual. It is usually cloudy, so we recommend you to go with long-sleeved clothes, in case it gets cold.

The lake covers the bottom of a volcanic crater. It is, like all Balinese lakes, a source of water to irrigate the southern regions of Bali. Nearby is the Lila Graha botanical garden, as well as a park, a market, and many restaurants where you can stop to eat.

The most exciting part of Lake Bratan is the Ulun Danu Beratan temple located on the western side of the lake. The temple is the second most important, after the mother temple Besakih, and was built to honor the goddess of water and fertility Dewi Danu.

As a curiosity, its image is one of the most popular in Indonesia because it appears on 50,000 IDR banknotes.

If you have more time, in the proximity of the lake there are many places for canoes, motorboats and all kinds of water activities that you can practice in the lake.

A little bit further north, you can find the lakes called Twin Lakes: Buyan and Tamblingan. They are located next to each other and surrounded by the typical vegetation of the island. Do not miss the opportunity to see them as they are very close to Lake Bratan.

The Ulun Danu Beratan Temple on the Beratan Lake, Bali

lake buyan

Lake Buyan, also known locally as Danau Buyan, is the twin of Tamblingan Lake. It is surrounded by coffee plantations and allows you to enjoy trekking around it, as well as fishing.

As with all lakes, being at a reasonably high altitude from sea level, the temperature is colder at night and often foggy during the day. We recommend that you take long-sleeved clothing with you to deal with this lower temperature than on the rest of the island.

Views of Buyan Lake in Buleleng Regency, Bali


Lake Tamblingan is the twin brother of Buyan Lake. Until 1808 they were only one, but after a massive volcanic eruption, they were split up. Today they are separated by a dense forest with many viewpoints where you can enjoy beautiful views, especially at sunset. You can even take a hiking route between the lakes of approximately 4 kilometers.

This area is also ideal for taking pictures on swings, nests, and baskets as the views are breathtaking much cheaper than in the tourist area of Tegallalang.

Boats on the shores of Tamblingan Lake, Bali

In the following map you can find all the lakes that we have mentioned in this article. You can use it to organize your routes around Bali. We hope you find it useful.