Jembrana is one of the nine regencies in Bali and is located in the western part of the island. This is the least visited area of Bali and is sparsely populated, except along the main road that goes from Denpasar to Gilimanuk, the seaport that connects Bali with Java. Most of the land in Jembrana is covered by the forests and highlands of the West Bali National Park.

Map of Jembrana Regency, Bali



Gilimanuk is a port city located in West Bali. This is a transit city for travellers going from Bali to Java as it is located only 4 kilometres from the nearby island of Java. Everyday ferries depart from Gilimanuk carrying people and cars to the island of Java. Besides the importance that this port has for the transport in Indonesia, there are some points of interest in the city which very few tourists visit.


Negara is a small village in Jembrana located on the road that goes from Denpasar to Gilimanuk. This place is known for its famous buffalo races that take place in the village every year.


Palasari Catholic Church

Sacred Heart of Jesus in Palasari is the only Catholic Church in Bali. Apart from being the only Catholic church on a Hindu island, this church has a unique architecture that combines the style of European Catholic churches with the Balinese architecture. The Palasari Catholic Church has become a destination for spiritual tourism and the pilgrimage of Catholic tourists visiting the Island of the Gods.

Perancak Sunset Point

Perancak Sunset Point is a beach located on the coast of Negara and is famous for its unforgettable sunsets. In addition, on this beach you can see colourful traditional boats called madurese that are original from the Bajau tribe in Sulawesi.

Perancak Sunset Point in Jembrana Regency, Bali

Rambut Siwi Temple

Located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Rambut Siwi temple is a very photogenic temple and has the main sanctuary located on a cliff. Just like many other balinese temples, the history of Rambut Siwi temple is uncertain and scattered, but locals say that this is one of the water temples built to keep the powerful forces of the sea away from the land and people.

Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach is located near the Rambut Siwi Temple and is a beach perfect for surfing. In fact, that is the main reason why the few tourists who visit this area go there. If you want to see what Bali looked like before the tourist development, Medewi is an ideal place.

Mount Merbuk

Mount Merbuk is a 1386 meters high mountain and is a great place for hiking. Due to its proximity to the West Bali National Park and its height, Mount Merbuk offers visitors the opportunity to see the magnificent landscape from the top.

Roses Peak

Roses Peak is a view point located near Mount Merbuk and is surrounded by lush vegetation. This place keeps an intact beauty and the views from the top are really amazing. This is a place where few tourists reach and where you can enjoy the Balinese nature and the beauty of an unexplored area.

Wisata Puncak

Wisata Puncak is a viewpoint located near Roses Peak from where you can enjoy stunning views of the vast forest areas and rolling hills of the Jembrana Regency. This viewpoint is an unknown spot of Bali and is a place only visited by locals.

Karang Sewu

Karang Sewu is a beach located in west Gilimanuk. This place is very famous for its incredible views of the sunrise. On this beach there is a wooden bridge that enters the sea and is a good spot to take pictures at sunrise.

Candi Gelung Kori

Candi Gelung Kori is an arch located on the road that goes from Denpasar to Gilimanuk, just at the entrance of this second town. This arch has 4 snake-shaped pillars and a small temple in the center. If you visit Gilimanuk it is impossible not to see this arch as cars entering the city pass under it.

Candi Gelug Kori Arch in Gilimanuk, Bali

Taman Siwa

Taman Siwa is a huge statue of the god Shiva, located in the Gilimanuk Bay. Around the colorful statue of Shiva there is a small park and right next to it a beach where you can rest and sunbathe.